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Why Choose Amatsu Therapy

Because it works!

Amatsu has its roots in traditional Japanese medicine, and is based on the principles of natural movement. It is different from many other therapies because it treats your whole body, and not just the symptoms. This means that Amatsu is effective in treating a wide range of problems or illnesses from back ache, Sciatica, and joint pain to Asthma, Baby Colic, Headaches and Insomnia. Amatsu supports and encourages the natural abilities of the body to heal and regenerate, by working with the body to restore balance and regain your natural and healthy postural patterns.

Amatsu can be vigorous or extremely gentle. This means it can be used on any person from the moment they are born, through to their more advanced years. For example, it is very effective in helping with the discomforts of pregnancy from back ache through to morning sickness. Babies and their mums can also often suffer trauma and injury during the birth. Amatsu is very effective in gently correcting any of these injuries or general discomfort, helping both the mother and the baby to sleep better, and feel more relaxed and in control. It is also suitable for chronic and very painful conditions, as well as for those people whose natural movement maybe limited in some way.

Your body has an amazing ability to regain its own health, and can compensate for a large variety of illnesses and injuries. However, the stresses of life can damage or distort your natural healthy patterns of movement, leading to poor health in various forms. Amatsu supports and encourages the natural abilities of your body by working with it, and not imposing corrections on it. Regaining long term natural, healthy patterns is the aim of every Amatsu treatment.

Many people also find regular balances effective in maintaining good health.

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Amatsu Can Help..
Shoulder & neck pain,
Sports injuries,
Strains & sprains,
Pain relief,
Postural problems,
Headaches & insomnia,
Joint problems,
Baby colic & reflux,
Pregnancy care,
Tennis elbow,
Stomach problems,
Golfer's shoulder.
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